I have a lot of Hee Sun and Oh Soo feelings and I need to get them out. Warning: lots of words and lots of caps

So I don’t ship Hee Sun and Oh Soo romantically because 

1. the age difference 


2. he dated her sister and I’m not down with rebounding with a family member. 

However, I do really like their relationship and find their whole dynamic incredibly interesting. 

So when we first meet Hee Sun, she is asking Oh Soo if he has been sleeping with anyone, which he ignores completely as if its commonplace for people to ask that of him. 


Judging by what we’ve seen of this character so far, its pretty obvious that he’s not the type to feel any sense of obligation or attachment to anyone. She asks him if he loves the woman he’s been seeing and Oh Soo says “I only love you”. Its easy to believe that he was just being playful and trying to charm his way out of answering (which he totally was), but there also seems to be a lot of sincerity behind those words. Hee Sun (and probably Jin Sung) is the only person he really loves and cares about. He has no parents, no siblings, and the first love of his life is dead, which only leaves Hee Sun. He obviously doesn’t love her in a romantic way, but he loves her as a sister and someone he is in debt to. 

A lot of people would say that Hee Sun oversteps her boundaries when it comes to Oh Soo, particularly the scene where she throws the underwear of the girl he’d been seeing into his drink. She then proceeds to pour a drink over him as a way of showing her disapproval. 


I don’t think Hee Sun is purely jealous about his relationship with this woman, but rather she knows it means nothing to him, which is what she disapproves of after having loved her sister the way he did. Hee Sun obviously sees it as a form of disrespect to her sister. Aside from all that, she also really cares about Oh Soo’s well being. She makes a comment before this scene about how he should be painting and not wasting his time with meaningless relationships. She wants him to be normal again and do what he loves and not live a meaningless life. Oh Soo, despite being blatantly annoyed with Hee Sun’s actions, does not get angry at her or react but simply gets up to go change because he knows he is in the wrong and that Hee Sun has a reason to be upset. I also really enjoy the fact that she is just allowed to wander around his house as if she lives there. It shows that they are close and comfortable with one another. The money thing is not a big deal to me, honestly. Hee Sun seems like a kid who enjoys her brother’s success the way anyone would. She’s not superficial and doesn’t use him and she genuinely cares for him, so I can forgive her taking money from him. 

The next scene that really got me invested in their relationship was when Hee Sun approached Oh Soo about scamming Young and taking her money for his gambling debts.


Once again, Hee Sun disapproves of Oh Soo’s thoughtless actions and asks him why he is so afraid of dying if there is nothing for him to live for. She asks Oh Soo if he is doing this to get revenge on his mother, who abandoned him as a child. This comment clearly hits a nerve with Oh Soo, who reminds Hee Sun about the fact that she only visited him once after abandoning him. He then tells her that there is no way he could ever have feelings for “that woman”. This scene says so much about Oh Soo and Hee Sun. She obviously knows him better than most people, and she knows that he is still bitter about his mother abandoning him, even if he denies it. I love that he shares this moment with her. Oh Soo says he wants to live because he is alive. Oh Soo’s lack of meaning probably touches Hee Sun, since we see that she has changed her mind and is now willing to help Oh Soo with his scam.

She pulls together her cleverness and resources and brings Oh Soo everything he’ll need to fool Young and her people. When an impressed and delighted Jin Sung asks her what made her change her mind, Hee Sun says she can’t let someone die for money, but revenge would be different. As she says this, she looks to Oh Soo as if to remind him that she knows what is in his heart. I think that even if Oh Soo’s plan was revenge, she still would have helped him because she would never be able to see another person she cares about die. 


I personally love the fact that when Oh Soo finds himself in a bind, the first person he thinks to contact is Hee Sun.


She’s capable, he trusts her, and he knows she’s willing to do just about anything to help him. He doesn’t treat her like a child, but as an equal and she always comes through for him (although we’ll see about that in the next episode). 

Overall, the relationship between Hee Sun and Oh Soo is by far one of my favorite aspects of TWTWB. I adore their dynamic and their understanding of one another, and I just really, really hope that Oh Soo’s inevitable love for Young doesn’t ruin what they have going on. Hee Sun is obviously a good person and she wants him to be happy, so I think she’ll come through for him in the end. I just hope that Oh Soo continues to be understanding and patient with Hee Sun and doesn’t forget how important she is to him. The End. 

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